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Micheal Anthony Hughes Foundation

The mission of the Michael A. Hughes Memorial Foundation is to provide a platform for students wishing to learn and read and to give these students the opportunitiy to do so through books, scholarships, multimedia and internet access and an annual day to read with their teachers and parents.

As the tragic events of March 25, 1993 unfolded, with the sudden death of 3rd grader – Michael A. Hughes, the Hughes family began to look for meaningful ways to help students like Michael with physical and learning disabilities. Michael lived and died with Dyslexia, never fully learning how to read. As a result, the Michael A. Hughes Memorial Scholarship Foundation was formed – determined to address the need for short-term educational assistance to families affected by children with physical and learning disabilities.

On behalf of the Foundation, we are looking to raise $100 for every hour a child is in school during the course of their pre-college education. Raising this money for a single child will guarantee the foundation will have the tools and resources it needs to continue to develop and innovate creative and constructive learning environments both online and in live classrooms.

Committed to this long-term initiative, The Michael A. Hughes Memorial Foundation seeks to become one of the leading organizations helping young people with disabilities pursue their dreams through educational opportunities.

According to the U.S. Department of Education the average number of days a given child goes to school is 180 days for 7 hours per day. Over the course of 12 years, the child would have spent approximately 15,100 hours in the classrooms of America’s schools. OUR GOAL IS to raise approximately $1.6 million dollars in the next 5 years to improve our services and enhance our resources giving more students access to quality, results-driven educational materials. In other words, a donation of just $100 which represents a mere one hour in a child’s life of learning excellence from 16,380 people would make our goal possible. We can’t make a dream work without support and team work. We have an exciting next 5 years ahead of us… and we are glad you have chosen to join us.