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Micheal Anthony Hughes Foundation

The foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of young people through reading!

Our mission is to provide a platform for students wishing to learn to read and to experience success in the area of education. Michael Anthony Hughes was a dearly loved son and student whose life was cut short... Read Our History »

Opportunities for Our Children

Reading is so important because it opens up new horizons in a child’s life. It allows children to expand their borders and experience the world through books. It also gives a child confidence in him/herself and his abilities.

The Michael Anthony Hughes Memorial Foundation provides scholarships for students in the Malverne School District to attend the Hofstra University Reading and Writing Clinic. The Foundation also supports and encourages students in the classroom through designated reading days, books and multimedia and internet access.

We educate our children to have open analytical minds and to be citizens of the world. Our children have many abilities and many talents. Some will excel in academic achievements. Others will show their potential in music, sports or drama. Others will be our problem solvers helping to make our world work better. Each one of the children that enters into our classrooms has a value that you could not put a price on. Each one is unique and special.

Our Vision

The purpose of an education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Message From The Founder »

In response to the future of our children’s education, the vision of the Michael Anthony Hughes Memorial Foundation is to help foster a learning environment where all students especially those with learning disabilities have access to:

  • More books
  • Scholarships to institutions of higher learning
  • Academic support throughout the duration of the pre-college experience
  • Bring parents and students together to read
  • Access to study abroad opportunities and field trips to other parts of the country
  • Summer jobs/internships that challenge students to learn and grow in a real life environment or situation
  • More support for students struggling to reach their level in reading

Annual Events

Every March, the students in the Malverne School District under the direction of master teacher, Mrs. Marlene Mark-Emmanuel – showcase their talents in the Michael Hughes Memorial Library Re-dedication program. Teachers, administrators, government officials, community groups, individual supporters all gather to listen to speakers and celebrate reading. Fellowship, fun and food are the order of the day. During this program our scholarship recipients and their parents are introduced and acknowledged and they get an opportunity to meet and discuss the program with the director of the Hofstra University Reading and Writing Clinic.

Our University Connections

  • Hofstra University Reading and Writing Learning Clinic, Hempstead, New York 11549
  • Reading and Writing Courses

The Hofstra Clinics reading and writing courses make use of the most current meaning-centered, child-centered holistic techniques for helping learners make effective use of reading and writing strategies. Their courses are taught in a caring and nurturing environment and they respect and value the capabilities of all participants. They build upon each individuals natural learning strengths.

Special Interest Clubs and Workshops

For learners who have experienced an initial boost in their level of confidence, or for those who wish to extend their abilities, Hofstra offers a variety of special interests clubs and workshops.

Participants are immersed in authentic reading and writing activities, as they pursue their interests ensuring that reading and writing remain fun and meaningful. Workshops include: Literature and Author study groups, writers workshops and Spanish/English courses

Meaning and Certification

Michael Anthony Hughes FoundationThe Reading/Writing Learning Clinic is affiliated with the Literacy Studies Department of Hofstra School of Education and Allied Human Services. Professional services are provided by New York State-certified reading specialists who hold Master’s degrees, professional diplomas or doctoral degree’s in reading and literacy studies. Interns who work with reading specialists are certified teachers who are enrolled in the final course for New York State reading certification.

Educational Train to Success

We are looking to raise money to provide scholarships for Malvere High School students who plan to pursue a degree in reading education. Support Us!